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The general objective and purpose of African Community Exchange (ACE) is to design, develop, implement, evaluate, and support programs and projects for the social and economic development of Africa; to canvass and solicit government, private, business, and international sources to obtain funding and other resources for projects implemented or supported by ACE and its collaborating partners in Africa.

The continent of Africa has a continuing need for development assistance, specifically funding and professional expertise. ACE focuses on projects and services associated with educational, health and economic concerns.

ACE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization approved by the United States Internal Revenue Service, registered with the Commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation Commission in 2006.


A UNICEF report has identified education as the springboard for economic and social development in Africa, and states that no country develops in economic and human terms without moving to universal primary education.  For this reason ACE as chosen as our primary beneficiaries:

  • The Ann Sandell Independent School – a K through 9th grade tuition free school for war orphans and underprivileged youth that might not otherwise benefit from basic education due to limited access to public schools.
  • Literate Liberia Movement – a grass root initiative that encourages high school and college students and other educated citizens to teach illiterate neighbors how to read and write.
  • Train-the-Trainer Teachers Program – a 2-week seminar that prepares educators to conduct teacher training summer institutes for grade school teachers.

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