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Liberia Independence Day

The First African Colony to Declare Independence

On July 26, 1847, Liberia made history by becoming the first African territory to declare independence.

Liberian Flag

Liberia will celebrate 169 years of independence in 2016.

[From Wikipedia]

The Liberian Declaration of Independence is a document adopted by the Liberian Constitutional Convention on July 16, 1847 to announce that the Commonwealth of Liberia, a colony founded and controlled by the private American Colonization Society, was now an independent state known as the Republic of Liberia. The Declaration was written by Hilary Teague and adopted simultaneously with the first Constitution of Liberia. The anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration and accompanying Constitution is celebrated as Independence Day in Liberia.


July 26, 2016
12:00 am - 12:00 am


Liberia (West Africa)