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ACE Success Story: Uriel Wornor

Uriel is an example of the difference Ann Sandell is making in the lives of those that are fortunate to obtain an education.

Dr. Sophie Williams, Chair
Snapshot_20121028URIEL WORNOR

Graduate, Ann Sandell Independent SchoolSophie Williams, Dr. Sophie Williams, Chair of ACE Liberia, was excited to meet Uriel Wornor, an Ann Sandell Independent School (ASIS) graduate now living in the U.S. Uriel has made great strides since his graduation from ASIS. While entering his junior year at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire (USA), Uriel took time out from his studies to share his story.

What are you currently doing?

URIEL:  I am a student at Plymouth State University in my junior year. I am majoring in Biology with the hopes of attending medical school after graduation.

What was your life like in Liberia during the war?

URIEL:  I was living with my family up country near Bupolo. Things were very difficult. My only education was provided by my father at home. I was about 13 years old at the time.

Describe your experience while attending the Ann Sandell School?

URIEL:  At the end of the war, my family moved to Paynesville, Liberia (Duport Road) and I was able to attend Ann Sandell. I started there in the 3rd grade in 2004 and through double promotions I was able to complete the 9th grade in 4 years. I passed the national exam, graduated in 2008 and came to the US with my family (dad, mom, brother, and sister) on a Diversity Visa (DV) Program.

Uriel - ACE GraduateWhen I came to the US, I started school at Monadnock Regional High School.  I had to repeat the 9th grade due to difficulties with US English, which I had to take as a second language. I was able to graduate from Monadnock in 2011 as a B student and was one of the President’s Education Awards recipients of 2011.

Ann Sandell is a good school. I met many good friends and teachers there. The Math and Science that I learned there prepared me for school here in the US. English was a little difficult, especially my writing and reading skills.

Any recommendations for ACE Liberia as we continue our work with Ann Sandell?

URIEL:  I would recommend that you give serious attention to helping with Reading and Writing skills. I would also suggest that you help to establish study skills or tutoring classes for those students that are not very bright and might be struggling in some classes.

You can get the brighter students or teachers to provide assistance for them after school.

Thank you, Uriel!388558_290294574326574_1261262434_n

Ann Sandell Independent School has been a beneficiary of Africa Community Exchange (ACE Liberia) for the past eight years. During this period, the school has grown from 500 to over 1000 students in grades K-9.  The school has been providing education in a community with limited basic education opportunities for children.