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Our Projects

Reclaiming Hope for Tomorrow

ACE Liberia’s work is dedicated to nurturing, inspiring and supporting the recovery of post war Liberia.   ACE Liberia Board of Directors work closely with  Liberian government officials, community leaders, institutions, NGOs, and faith-based entities to ensure the quality and success of each project we support .

ACE’s Education & Health Projects

Ann Sandell Independent School (ASIS)

ASIS is a community-based, K-9 institution with low registration fees that are competitive with government schools.  There are a number of students that cannot pay the modest fees who are enrolled through scholarships.  A high percentage of the students are not living with their natural parents. The guardians of some of the children have little interest in their education or general well being, due to their struggle to provide a living for their own families.

Students gather outside the Ann Sandell Independent School

ASIS students take a short break

ASIS was established in 1998 by a young woman who lost her family during the Liberian civil war. She started by tutoring and counseling children in her neighborhood who were traumatized by the war. The school compound now consists of 13 buildings made with mud bricks, plastered with cement. There are about 800 students from kindergarten through 9th grade. The school caters to students from poor families in the community. Many of them are not living with their natural parents and are often subject to neglect and abuse.

Pastor Ann Sandell of Lovepower Ministry in Minnesota provided the funds for the first classrooms and continues to assist the school. Africa Community Exchange (ACE Liberia) assists the school with teachers’ salaries and training, school supplies, and professional expertise. Every year since 2006, Unity Church of Charleston has held a fundraiser (African Market) the last Sunday in April for the school. NDUTIME Youth & Family Services, Inc.  provided funds for generators and building restroom facilities. Other organizations, such as The Links, Incorporated, have also donated resources including books, supplies, and the establishment of a school library.

School for the Blind

ACE partners with The Links, Incorporated  to build and equip a library and improve other facilities at the school.

Presbyterian Todee Mission

ACE is also partnering with The Links, Incorporated to provide textbooks for the school and overseeing the purchase of microscopes for the school’s science laboratory.


Since 2007, ACE has provided staff development training for teachers. In 2010,  ACE received funding from Plan International to conduct teacher training at Ann Sandell Independent School. In 2013, ACE partnered with The Links, Incorporated and conducted a Train-the-Trainers seminar for participants from the Ministry of Education, University of Liberia, Ann Sandell Independent School,  AME University, and School for the Blind.

Ministry of Health Initiative

In 2010, through donations made by Goodwill Industries of Central Virginia, Inc. and others, ACE was able to ship a container of medical equipment and supplies through Firestone Donor Services  to the Ministry of Health. The equipment and supplies were distributed to hospitals and clinics throughout Liberia.

Professional Consultations

ACE has worked with Liberian government entities and other organizations by recruiting professional experts to serve as consultants.

Literate Liberia Movement

Literate Liberia Movement was a grassroots initiative started by ACE in 2009 dedicated to promoting literacy. The goal is to recruit teachers and students to help teach others to read and write within their communities.  In 2010, this project was endorsed by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf  under the EACH ONE TEACHES ONE campaign. That same year, this effort was also supported by Friends of Liberia.