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What type of organization is ACE Liberia?

ACE is a US 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to connecting education and health entities in Liberia to much needed resources to assist with capacity building and improving the quality of services.  ACE works with both government and non-government organizations.

How long has ACE been in existence?

ACE was conceptualized in 2006 and soon after registered as a charitable organization with the Commonwealth of Virginia and the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

What projects have ACE undertaken?

ACE has focused its mission on education and health programs and has provided assistance to:


  • Ann Sandell Independent School – a community based, K-9th grade school with an enrolment of 1000 underprivileged students through teacher salary and training, capital campaign for facilities improvement, donation of equipment, textbooks and supplies

  • School for the Blind – ACE is partnering with The Links, Inc. to build and equip a library at the school

  •  Literate Liberia – a grass root literacy program, Each One Teach One, that engages educated citizens to assist with teaching others to read and write

  • Teacher Training – partner with Planned International and The Links, Inc. to sponsor a series of teacher training seminars for grade school teacher

  • Hospitals and Clinics – provided medical equipment and supplies through the Ministry of Health

  • Professional Consultations – provided professional consultation to government and non-government organizations

What is the relationship between ACE and Ann Sandell Independent School (ASIS)?

ASIS is non-government, private school operated by a nationally registered non-profit organization (United Ministries) located in Paynesville, Liberia that has been the recipient of ACE support since 2006.

Are donations to ACE tax-deductible?

ACE is recognized by the US Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization.  All donations made to ACE are considered tax exempt, and donors receive annual tax exempt statements to document as charitable contribution.

How can I verify the credibility of ACE?

ACE encourages supporters to connect with its Board of Directors, beneficiaries, and collaborating partners to discuss and review the work it conducts.  ACE corporation and tax records are available through the Commonwealth of Virginia and the IRS.

Can I sponsor a child?

ACE has worked with individual donors interested in sponsoring a child’s education by providing assistance with fees, books, and uniform.  However, ACE encourages support for the operation of schools and health programs, thereby providing much needed assistance for a broader number of individuals.

What is the greatest need for assistance?  How can I best help?

As a country that is recovering from the devastation of 14 years of civil war, Liberia can benefit in any number of areas from the reconstruction of infrastructure to the improvement of livelihood and the quality of life.  ACE recognizes that by contributing to two of the most basic human needs, education and health, the chances of the individual impacting his or her own destiny is greatly increased.

Why is ACE working only in Liberia?

The group of individuals that founded that organization all had ties to Liberia and wanted to assist the country, now considered one of the poorest in the world.  ACE has plans to grow its mission and expand services to other African countries in the future.

Can I support any project in Liberia through ACE?

Yes, as long as it is a legitimate, viable project (preferably in the area of education or health) and the collaboration is approved by the governing body of ACE.

How can my organization liaise with ACE to implement activities in Liberia?

ACE actively solicits and encourages strategic collaborations.  Highly experienced and respected Board Members provide oversight in the US and Liberia for all of ACE activities .  All projects are researched and monitored to ensure effective management and use of resources for successful outcomes.

How can I volunteer my service/expertise?

Volunteers can contribute to ACE mission through several avenues. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.  Please visit our website to contact us at

Can I communicate directly with an ACE board member?

Yes, you can by going to our website at, by telephone 804-379-2006, or mail: P.O. Box 444, Midlothian, VA 23113.

What types of donations do you accept?

ACE accepts monetary donations by check or credit card.  ACE also accepts appropriate equipment, materials and supplies for programs and projects that can be transported to recipients cost effectively.

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